Kundli Matching

What is Kundli Matching?

Kundli matching is a process before marriage where the birth charts of would-be bride and groom are matched for marriage purposes. Kundli matching tells about the compatibility, happiness, and mindset between the boy and girl for their healthy married life. It also speaks about the hurdles that lie ahead, if any, and remedies to eliminate the same. The matching helps to find who the right match for you is and how your soul connects with your partner. It is believed that out of the 36 gunns, at least 18 needs to be matched for a fruitful and happy marriage.

What is the importance of Kundli Matching?

Planets and celestial bodies do have an influence on the lives of every individual. When two individuals are united in a marriage, it is essential to make certain that the heavenly bodies complement each other. This will result in peace, bliss, and harmony in married life. The couple may or may not have known each other before the marriage, but matching their Kundlis beforehand can ensure them about prosperous married life.

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